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Our Mission

In 2001, the Eastern Mass Amateur Radio Group VE Team was formed to give prospective amateur radio operators an opportunity to attend VE sessions in a convenient, nurturing environment. The founders of the group had the following goals:
  • Sessions will be held during the work week to give prospective HAM's an alternative to the weekend and “special event” based sessions that are being held at other locations.

  • We will not compete with other organizations sessions, but rather supplement them by offering alternatives that we feel are sorely missing in the area.

  • Although not a primary goal, we will attempt to provide what we would call “mobile” testing services to support other clubs and organizations amateur radio license training efforts.

  • We will provide training and support to other organizations efforts to form their own Volunteer Examiner teams.

  • We will form as and remain autonomous from any other club or organization.

  • We have heard numerous reports of people showing up at other organizations scheduled sessions only to find nobody there. Therefore, our scheduled sessions will always be held on the scheduled date.

  • We will encourage “Elmers” to attend our sessions to lend support, and to provide a friendly testing atmosphere.

  • We will encourage newly upgraded General and Extra class license holders to become VE's, and hopefully but optionally join our team. This encouragement would include group and individual tutoring of the prospective individuals to help them pass the VE accreditation test.

  • We will provide hands-on training to each of our Extra class examiners to give them the skills necessary to coordinate testing sessions.

  • We will affiliate our team with the ARRL VEC. Although we will encourage VE's from other VEC's such as W5YI to join our team, they will have to apply and be granted accreditation from the ARRL VEC before being allowed to participate in any testing sessions.

  • We will have a code of ethics above and beyond any published standard of the ARRL VEC. General class members of the team will be encouraged to obtain their own license upgrades at other organizations VE sessions, and all team members will recues themselves from participating in any session that services members of their immediate family.

  • When EMARG is part of any license training initiatives, EMARG VE's that were part of the training effort will recues themselves from participating in the VE session that was offered as part of the training initiative. This does not apply to any subsequent VE sessions that any particular class member may attend.